President Trump fought the criminals in both parties and the press they controlled. President Trump has pledged to get the criminals out of DC. He calls it "Drain the Swamp."

Criminals from the Statehouse, funded by offshore criminals, will come out of the woodwork like cockroaches for this election. They want to pad their pockets at your family's expense.

Bill Bledsoe is vetted by all 3 conservative parties and has never accepted any contributions from anyone. His self funded campaign got nearly 40,000 votes last election simply by fighting for your family's rights and freedom from the criminals in DC and at the Statehouse.

The historic, “First Ever Third Party Forum” will be held in Spartanburg

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27 Mar

The historic, “First Ever Third Party Forum” will be held in Spartanburg

The very first ever “South Carolina – Third Party Forum” will be held in Spartanburg on March 29th, 2017.  It will be held at the Sparks Restaurant in the Spartanburg Marriott. All Third Party Candidates who filed for the US House District-5 seat, were invited to attend and give their opinions on; “How Third Party Candidates can Restore the American Dream.”

We will begin at 6pm where you buy your own supper and write down any questions you would like to ask to all 5 of the candidates.  Then from 7 to 9 pm, our moderator, Robbie Bowen, will ask as many of your questions as time allows.

The Upstate Chapter of the Freedom Candidates has cordially invited all Third Party candidates in US House District- 5 seat to attend a Forum.
The very first ever Third Party Forum in South Carolina. Come attend this historic event to save our country.
The event will be held in the Spartanburg Marriott, at the Spark Restaurant, at 299 N. Church St., Spartanburg, South Carolina  29306.
Wednesday, March 29, 2017. Buy your own supper at 6pm (menu is attached).  Then the question and answer Forum will be from 7-9 p.m. All participants will be available for interviews and live TV after the event.
The Forum is a Brainstorming Style Question and Answer period to save our country.  Each candidate will be given 2 minutes to answer questions from the audience submitted on 3”x5” cards.
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