President Trump fought the criminals in both parties and the press they controlled. President Trump has pledged to get the criminals out of DC. He calls it "Drain the Swamp."

Criminals from the Statehouse, funded by offshore criminals, will come out of the woodwork like cockroaches for this election. They want to pad their pockets at your family's expense.

Bill Bledsoe is vetted by all 3 conservative parties and has never accepted any contributions from anyone. His self funded campaign got nearly 40,000 votes last election simply by fighting for your family's rights and freedom from the criminals in DC and at the Statehouse.
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Restoring the American Dream



We will Restore the American Dream.
Bill Bledsoe is a Manager, not a Politician:

  • He will work in DC to bring abundant job opportunities back to our local communities.
  • He will work in DC to bring business opportunities home where they belong. 
  • He will work in DC to create a cost effective education system that is relevant to the success of our local communities. 
  • He will work in DC to create the strongest local economy imaginable.


Restoring the American Dream requires Integrity, Accountability and Honesty in our politicians.

Bill Bledsoe has owned and managed his own corporation for 34 years, creating jobs and building his community. He is a manager, not a Politician.

Managers work for their employees, not their employees work for the manager. As a manager, Bill Bledsoe listens to his employees. He acts as their servant and gets them what they need to do their jobs better.

Managers are problem solvers. Politicians are career problem creators. They heavily tax our families and give our money to the mega-corporations that fund their campaigns. 


Restoring the American Dream requires restoring Fiscal Responsibility to DC.

Only about 18% of our tax dollars are ever returned to District 5, the rest goes to Pork-Barrel spending to enrich Mega-Corporations. This is not fiscally responsible. Bill Bledsoe will work tirelessly to eliminate this incredible waste and direct our money back home where it belongs.

Bill Bledsoe will:

  • Create new manufacturing through small business manufacturing locally.
  • Create a stream of new local jobs through this local business growth.
  • Eliminate the Government Middle-Man and return our money home to stimulate and grow District 5.

Restoring the American Dream will create the greatest economy District 5 has ever seen.  

Bill Bledsoe has worked for Mick Mulvaney for many years as a researcher, an analyst and a manager. This long time relationship is priceless.