President Trump fought the criminals in both parties and the press they controlled. President Trump has pledged to get the criminals out of DC. He calls it "Drain the Swamp."

Criminals from the Statehouse, funded by offshore criminals, will come out of the woodwork like cockroaches for this election. They want to pad their pockets at your family's expense.

Bill Bledsoe is vetted by all 3 conservative parties and has never accepted any contributions from anyone. His self funded campaign got nearly 40,000 votes last election simply by fighting for your family's rights and freedom from the criminals in DC and at the Statehouse.
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A vision of a Free America Once again.

This is the US Code that they will put you in jail for if you don't read it and follow it. Ask your legislator if they've read the entire US Code.

These are hundreds-of-thousands of pages of Federal Laws in our local library. They’ll use them to put you in jail if you don’t read them and follow them. It’s time to “GET THINGS UNDONE” not “GET THINGS DONE.”

I have a vision of a Free America where we restore Integrity, Accountability and Honesty to politics.

Currently US Legislators are paid by their vote. They are paid by international mega-corporations to force Americans to buy the corporation’s products.  This is why our elected officials passed laws that force every American to buy Obamacare, and to buy only Epipens.  This is why we have Bank Fraud where international mega-banks create US Dollars out of thin air. This is why we have laws that prohibit American Auditors from auditing international mega-banks.  This is why it’s illegal to sue Monsanto over their GMO’s. This is why there is no law to label which foods have GMO’s.

See MY CONTRACT with SC to see solutions to this “criminal crony capitalism” and to read my promise to submit legislation that will force our politicians to stop selling their votes.


I have a vision of a Free America where there is Fiscal Responsibility in DC.

DC borrows trillions from foreign mega-banks for their fake spending spree. DC illegally allows these criminal mega-banks to create US Dollars out of thin air to fund DC’s out of control spending spree. This is easy to prove. There are only $1 Trillion Real US. Dollars allowed to be printed and circulating in the entire world. Yet international mega-banks say they have paid $20 Trillion US Dollars to buy US Treasury bonds. This is totally impossible and is the biggest banking scam in the history of the world. This banking scam is caused by our politicians being paid off.  

If you want to know how to stop this banking fraud, read MY CONTRACT with SC.


I have a vision of a Free America with the greatest economy the world has ever seen. This will be done by restoring our Free Market System, by encouraging Small Businesses, their manufacturing and Innovation.

The federal regulations and laws punish South Carolina’s families and small businesses. The hundreds of thousands of pages of federal laws that you see in the pictures on the right, cripple small businesses, innovation and free enterprise in South Carolina.  In South Carolina 99.7% of the employer’s are small businesses. In South Carolina, small businesses create 90% of the jobs and have the greatest impact on unemployment and our GDP.  

These are tens-of-thousands of pages of Federal Regulations which are written by the President that are not laws. They will put you in jail if you don’t know and follow these too. It’s time to “GET THINGS UNDONE” not “GET THINGS DONE.”

Yet DC purposely cripples South Carolina’s small businesses and manufacturing, and rewards mega-international companies with billions of dollars in handouts. Only 17% of our federal tax dollars make it back to South Carolina to help our families and businesses.  See: MY CONTRACT with SC 


Criminals from all parties will come out of the woodwork like cockroaches for this election. By asking for campaign donations, they are padding their pockets and have sold their votes before they are even elected. 

I pledge that I will never accept a dime from anyone. I will pay for my own campaign. This proves to everyone that “I CAN’T BE BOUGHT.”