President Trump fought the criminals in both parties and the press they controlled. President Trump has pledged to get the criminals out of DC. He calls it "Drain the Swamp."

Criminals from the Statehouse, funded by offshore criminals, will come out of the woodwork like cockroaches for this election. They want to pad their pockets at your family's expense.

Bill Bledsoe is vetted by all 3 conservative parties and has never accepted any contributions from anyone. His self funded campaign got nearly 40,000 votes last election simply by fighting for your family's rights and freedom from the criminals in DC and at the Statehouse.

Won the Constitution Party but lost the Libertarian Party Convention

Dr. Bill Bledsoe will not be on the Ballot for House District 5. He lost the Libertarian Party Convention.  

Dr. Bill Bledsoe’s position was pro-Life, with life defined at conception.  That we must follow the Rule of Law on immigration.   And that both the Federal Government and the State Government should not have any laws on marriage.  Marriage should be left up to the churches and to contracts between people.      

Dr. Bledsoe was not a good fit for the Libertarian Party and is at peace with this knowledge.